The Doll Project

16, January 2013

The memorials are easy to miss. A group of stuffed animals, maybe some photos, a cross draped with flowers—roadside tributes have become a ubiquitous feature of the American landscape. But when you stop and look more closely, you find that these monuments are telling stories: stories of loss but also of life.

Local photographer Lois Ingrum does more than look at these creations; she documents them through her photography and will be sharing them in a new exhibit opening in the Missouri History Museum’s Bank of America Atrium on Saturday, January 19.  

We recently sat down with Lois to hear the stories behind the memorials she shoots. Some of the stories are tragic, and some are full of hope. All of them remind us that the streets we walk every day are paved with history.

—Jody Sowell, Public Historian