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15, April 2016

Lindbergh and the World's Largest Airline

In most years, April 15 marks the day procrastinators throughout the United States scramble to turn in their tax forms to the IRS. But that’s not the only reason April 15 is important. On this day 90 years ago, the world’s largest airline took flight for the first time—and Missouri, Charles Lindbergh, and the U.S. mail all played a part. Read more »

2, March 2016

Miss Nettie's Ghost

When I started at the Missouri History Museum about 10 years ago, I remember being in the Jefferson Memorial portion of the building when a door slammed shut with no one behind it. “What was that?” I asked. “Just Miss Nettie’s ghost,” was the answer. Over the years, if a label stubbornly refused to stay on a wall, if a door in the old part of the building opened or closed by itself, I would often hear that it was Miss Nettie making her presence known. Read more »

4, May 2012


Curator Reflects as She Puts Her "Baby" to Bed

In my 20-plus years of working at the Missouri History Museum I have had the opportunity to work on many exhibits. While I have enjoyed the experiences each one brought, none gave me more pleasure than seeing the Lindbergh exhibit open in 2002. This exhibit celebrated the 75th anniversary of the famous aviator’s transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. I had been working on the exhibit for the better part of two years and felt like it was my baby. It was the first exhibit for which I had done the historical and artifact research, and it was a big step for me as a curator to see it come together. Read more »

5, November 2010

Letter to Charles Lindbergh Makes a Return Flight 83 Years Later

Here is a curatorial feel-good story about one boy’s letter to Charles Lindbergh and how a copy of it made its way back home.

Over nine years ago, I was in the process of selecting artifacts for a 6,000-square-foot exhibit commemorating the New York to Paris flight that Lindbergh made in 1927. The Missouri History Museum has the largest collection of gifts Lindbergh received for his various flights from 1927 onward, as well as a large archival collection including thousands of letters of congratulations from around the world. Read more »