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17, January 2012

The Art of Kirkwood Roots

As an expression of regional history, Kirkwood Roots is different. Through February 26, 2012, the Missouri History Museum presents this installation of images, objects, and interviews exploring the history and culture of the African American community in Kirkwood, Missouri. The strong social ties and values of these people, exhibited here as they were from a period prior to the Civil War until shortly after World War II, were formed in a largely rural environment, among fields, woods, and streams. A priority for the Kirkwood Roots project was to represent this community’s way of life in an evocative manner worthy of the value and relevance that it holds for us all. Read more »

10, November 2011

Kirkwood Roots: African Americans Share Stories of a Community

Recently the Missouri History Museum opened a multimedia installation, Kirkwood Roots, that explores the historic African American community in Kirkwood, Missouri. From the first settlement before the Civil War to the period of intensive suburban development following World War II, African Americans lived in a cohesive community composed of 11 separate and identifiable neighborhoods in an area that is part of today’s Kirkwood. A major component of the exhibit is made up of interviews in which people share their memories about Kirkwood. Read more »