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24, August 2017

Our Burning Love for Nitrate Film

The end of August marks the halfway point for our Picturing 1930s St. Louis project. For almost a full year now we’ve been going through all the remaining negatives created by the Sievers Studio during the 1930s. We’ve found lots of great images, learned some interesting facts about the photographers who created them, and gotten a glimpse of what St. Louis was like during the early part of that decade. We’ve also achieved an important project goal: We’ve identified and cataloged all of the nitrate film. Read more »

8, January 2013

A “Dangerous” Film, or the Case of the Misbegotten Label

Film cans often sit for years on shelves, awaiting the care of a professional film archivist, curator, or qualified preservationist to identify, document, repair, and conserve their contents. One of the more problematic kinds of film that we occasionally encounter in our work is nitrate film. The earliest film base (the material to which the film emulsion adheres) was made of nitrate cellulose. Read more »