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30, September 2014

The Louisiana Purchase Room: A Place of Reflection

When the Louisiana Purchase Treaty goes on display here at the Missouri History Museum on October 25, our visitors will have a rare opportunity to see a document that is routinely cited as one of the five most important documents in American history, on par with the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. Without this treaty, the city of St. Louis may not have ever been American—it could still be a part of France, or perhaps a different nation would have been formed to the west of the Mississippi River sometime during the 19th century. Read more »

28, September 2014

Civil War Love Letters: September 28, 1864

Marine Hospital
Charleston S. C.
Sept. 28th 1864

My Dear Molly

I asked Capt. Austin to send you a letter when he reached Atlanta which would give you the news more in detail than I can by the “Truce Boat.” I think I told you before of Capt. A. (of the 8th) being captured on the 4th of July last. Well he was one the fortunate ones under the arrangement made between Genls. Sherman & Hood at Atlanta. So also was Lt. Hale, who was wounded at Chicamauga about the same way and time as my­self, and who has been my messmate and companion ever since. Read more »

26, September 2014

Ritz Park: A Park with Historic Roots

On September 19 the Missouri History Museum was asked to witness history at the ribbon cutting of Ritz Park. The South Grand Community Improvement District, with help from local businesses, made this idea a reality. The outdoor pocket park and theater was five years in the making, and construction began in late June 2014. The Missouri History Museum participated in all of the excitement while promoting the rest of St. Louis’s history with our 250 in 250 exhibit.  Read more »

26, September 2014

Field Trip Fridays: Pilot Knob, Missouri

In an attempt to turn the tide of the Civil War, Confederate general Sterling Price planned an invasion of Missouri that took place in September and October of 1864. His primary objective was to capture St. Louis and its stores of arms, equipment, and goods, but Price’s superiors believed it might also divert Union troops from the war’s eastern theater, thereby reducing some of the unremitting pressure the Confederate armies there had been under. Read more »

24, September 2014

A New Look at the Louisiana Purchase

Just a few short months ago, the Missouri History Museum got the official word: The National Archives would be lending us pages from the Treaty of Cession, one of three documents that make up the Louisiana Purchase, for display. This is a huge honor. The Treaty of Cession is not on display often, and institutions have to meet a rigorous set of guidelines to be able to show the Louisiana Purchase. Read more »

24, September 2014

Civil War Love Letters: September 24, 1864

Marine Hospital
Charleston S. C.
Sept. 24th 1864

My Dearest Molly Read more »

23, September 2014

Conferences to Explore the Art of Tom Lea, Painter of a WPA Mural in Missouri

People interested in Missouri history may have encountered WPA (Works Progress Administration) murals in local post offices and other public buildings. They may not know of one in Mount Pleasant, MO, near Kansas City. By artist Tom Lea, best known for his depictions of scenes of war, Back Home, April 1865 shows a family returning to the smoking ruins of their house at the conclusion of the Civil War. Read more »

22, September 2014

The Storytelling Animal and the Role of the Museum

There is a lot of diversity within humanity, and how could there not be? We grow up in different areas and live within a wide range of lifestyles. We are immersed in cultures and subcultures that help to define us. Yet, even with our differences, we are human, and we are much the same. We try to live our lives to the best of our abilities and work toward a better future for ourselves and our loved ones. We grow old, and we hope that our lives, our story, had meaning. In this we are human, one and all, unchanged. Read more »

18, September 2014

Civil War Love Letters: September 18, 1864

Marine Hospital
Charleston S. C.
Sept. 18th 1864

My Dear Mollie Read more »

12, September 2014

Bringing Everyone to the Table: LGBT Rights Activism in St. Louis

This post is the fourth and final in a series about the Teens Make History Avenues of Activism Oral History Project. Be sure to check out the Avenues of Activism playlist to watch more stories of activism in St. Louis. Read more »