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25, June 2013

Museum Hosts Special Presentation with Author Douglas Scott Brookes

Join us on June 25 at the Missouri History Museum to hear author Douglas Scott Brookes discuss his book, Up North: St. Louis's Summer Colonies on Lake Huron in the Golden Age of Travel, published by MHM Press.

Photo at left: Dawn Meadows Dixon and Teacha Tigue, radio personalities on 1380 AM, interviewed Douglas Scott Brookes about his latest book. Brookes is in town to discuss and sign his book. Read more »

23, June 2013

Civil War Love Letters: June 23, 1863

Union general William S. Rosecrans camped at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, for the first half of 1863. During that time, several Union army commanders and government officials, including President Abraham Lincoln, strongly urged Rosecrans to begin a new campaign against Confederate general Braxton Bragg. They did not want Bragg to send his troops to Vicksburg, Mississippi, and affect the Union siege of that city. Rosecrans wanted to wait until he had adequate cavalry and supplies. Finally, on June 23, Rosecrans sent orders for a campaign, which James mentions in this letter. Read more »

20, June 2013

My Memories of the Annie Malone Parade

The annual Annie Malone Parade, often remembered as the May Day Parade, is an event that I looked forward to every year as a little girl. When I went to the parade each May, I knew that summer was near.

My two favorite things about the parade were eating the delicious cherry and strawberry sno-cones and watching members of the marching band dance down the street as they played their instruments. As the cheerleaders would throw their batons high in the air, I would be looking up and to see if the girls were able to catch them. It was all a part of the excitement of the day. Read more »

19, June 2013

Exhibit Features 50 Eyewitness Accounts of Life in St. Louis

We’ve all been there. You sit down with your family, or a group of old friends, and suddenly everyone is telling stories: “I remember when your Uncle Bob and I…” Or your grandmother starts talking about what life was like during the Great Depression, and it’s just riveting. You can tell by the look in her eyes and the expression on her face that as she’s speaking, she’s reliving that time of her life. Read more »

12, June 2013

Civil War Love Letters: June 12, 1863

In this letter, James writes of a visit from Alf Burnett, who served with an Ohio regiment, then, after he was mustered out, became a prominent writer for several Cincinnati newspapers. He was also known as a great storyteller. In 1863, Burnett published a book of his war experiences titled Incidents of War: Humorous, Pathetic and Descriptive.

Hd. Qts. 8th Ks. Vols.
On Picket
Shelbyville road Tenn.
June 12th 1863

Molly Dear Read more »

10, June 2013

Civil War Love Letters: June 10, 1863

Based on the text of this letter, which focuses entirely on personal matters, it appears that Molly’s mother and brother, William, learned about James and Molly’s secret engagement. Since Molly’s letters did not survive, the exact circumstances are not known. The ramifications of their relationship coming to light will unfold throughout the upcoming letters that James wrote during the summer of 1863.

Hd. Qts. 8th Ks. Vols.
On Picket near Murfreesboro
June 10th 1863

My Dear Molly Read more »

10, June 2013

Those Angry Days: Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America’s Fight Over World War II, 1939–1941

Those Angry Days: Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America’s Fight Over World War II, 1939–1941

By Lynne Olson (Random House, 2013)

Reviewed by Jamie Spencer Read more »

7, June 2013

A Snapshot of the 50 Images Section for 250 in 250

When I joined the 250 in 250 exhibit team, I was fairly certain that as the staff person responsible for our Photograph and Print collection, I’d be heavily involved in the selection of the 50 Images.  Assuming we were just going to feature our 50 most awesome pictures, I also thought it was going to be pretty easy. Those of us that work directly with the collections all have our favorites, and I figured choosing 50 cool photos would probably take me about 30 minutes. Fifty images—done! Read more »

7, June 2013

Civil War Love Letters: June 7–10, 1863

Finally, after almost six months of provost duty in Nashville, James and the rest of the 8th Kansas Infantry regiment received orders from General William S. Rosecrans to rejoin their former division, now at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Colonel John Martin stayed behind in Nashville long enough to instruct his replacement as Provost Marshal. The mayor, citizens, and new military commander of the city wanted the 8th Kansas to remain in Nashville, but, since the regiment was one of the largest in the area, numbering 700 men, it was needed at the front. Read more »

3, June 2013

Behind the Scenes: General Grier Collection

Missouri History Museum volunteer Annalisa Bolin shares letters written by her great-great-great-grandfather, a Civil War general named David P. Grier. Read more »